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I think the tragedy of climate change is that this is a culture war pretending to be a scientific argument. The truth is, most people don’t — we’re not climate scientists. We don’t know. And everyone is very confident on both sides; that, you know, on the green side, that Americans are greedy people who drive big cars and they’re selfish. On the conservative side, people say the science is junk; our opponents are basically Malthusian miserablists who want us all to be wearing hair shirts.

I think people are basically falling back on kind of cultural and ideological instincts, because we don’t really know the science.

-David Rennie on The Mclaughlin Group this weekend making what I felt was the Conservative argument for believing in the 3rd IPCC Climate Change report. Mr Rennie indicated that he was a Libertarian who believed in science, even though he clearly despises environmentalists as anti-capitalists. I think for their discussion they were confusing environmentalism with eco-socialism. that’s why I felt the real reason for their distrust is that they all bet big in the markets on fossil fuels and on agribusiness ventures that are turning out to be big losers in the long run. IMAO Conservatives are good at missing the Big Picture. It’s their strength and their key weakness.

    The newshour just reported that an apocalyptic future awaits us all without a carbon tax of some sort and a drastic change in cultural attitudes towards conservation as a major goal unto itself. BTW the Newshour take their money from fossil fuel interests too, but they don’t run their environment desk with a clean coal lobbyist like The McLaughlin Group does. zionist Mort Zuckerman dissed the whole Climate discussion to kiss up to fish

MR. ZUCKERMAN: — and the fish, which is a huge source of food for large parts of the world. There, that supply is being affected. We don’t — that’s something we can do something about. This is a much more difficult thing to do something about.

Here's your fish for your damn kids Zuckerman. Kissy kissy pucker up

Meanwhile Pat Buchanan made an unconventional ass of himself doing his best Bill O’Reilly Climate cop out, talking about Malthusians lying to the public during the Little Ice Age

MR. BUCHANAN: No, John. But I’ll tell you what it is. I mean, Richard Tol, the scientist, said, look, even if you concede the worst rise in two degrees Centigrade, the idea that this is going to destroy the planet is laughable when you consider all the things we have overcome.

John, when I was in Iowa campaigning for president, they said that’s where the Ice Age stopped. The icecap came all the way down to central Iowa. And we’re worried about some glacier —

MR. RENNIE: Iowa wasn’t much fun during the Ice Age.

Clearly conservatard political scientists still have a ways to go in digesting the Third IPCC Climate Change report. I give them another year or two to turn the carbon tax idea onto its head into a back door fee for welfare recipients and retired civil servants.

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Published on Apr 14, 2014