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@marxistplot news roundup 8-29-14

oldParasitesingle: The following links are excerpted from my personal chat with my nephew marxistplot “Joe”

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oldParasiteSingle: The following links are excerpted from our family chat with my nephews marxistplot “Joe” and my naturalist nephew “Tom”


[13:22:17]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
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[17:26:10]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
o.o thats interesting
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Green Party doesn’t like NATO apparently
[17:28:11]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
they have a point
well NATO doesnt like them
so the feeling is mutual
only NATO gets to throw their weight around a lot more than so-called anti-globalists
anyway im with the GP guys
you know that NATO is all nuclear power and frackers
plus GMO corn
[17:37:07]     [Joe -]
hi guys
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oldParasiteSingle: Here’s some more news links today that I felt were of no particular interest to my nephews, but that are still relevant

Absolutely not! He’s my President too. I would hate it if something happened to him in Ferguson
A female Republican cspanwashingtonjournal caller Wednesday from Missouri, on the question of whether or not President Barack Obama should follow AG Eric Holder and visit Ferguson, Missouri in order to quell civil unrest there. It turned out that the National Guard troops and Missouri religious leaders were able to do that anyway by Thursday. I just found it highly interesting that a female Conservative would want to warn Obama away from visiting Rush Limbaugh country right now. Whom exactly would he have to fear? The residents of Ferguson? Other Missouri civil rights activists being arrested there? The KKK who is fundraising $300K for St Louis police legal defense? Officer Darren Wilson? Or maybe its just a few of the foolish looking militarized cops running loose around there? Who would want to kill the black President just for visiting a disaster area? It’s an open question to me. Perhaps he has the most to really fear from his own Secret Service and from the CIA seizing the opportunity to ramp up another hopeless military invasion somewhere.
My rant today against comic book censorship

   When I was visiting my nephews marxistplot tonight I spoke with them about a number of diverse topics while we noshed on sandwiches and nachos. We probably spoke across at each other a bit since we were also eating and drinking while watching a Netflix. One of the things I said quite unintentionally was the following rant against what I perceive as the many comic book censors controlling the Earth today.

   Did you know that Jackie Chan’s son is in a Chinese prison for drugs? Not opium of course, since the British made certain that opium wasn’t illegal in China and the Americans after them. No it was some other drug

[My nephew responds] Probably some new drug being pushed by the CIA.

Yeah, it probably was. I think that these zealous prosecutions are underhanded. You know that doing drugs is a victimless crime? So is drunk driving. So is watching cartoons. Did you know that New Zealand (of the “five eyes”) has some of the strictest laws against animation on the planet?

[nephew] Yeah I did (Probably since I am constantly reminding him about it. New Zealand’s laws against Jap anime is one of my pet peeves. They think that Kim Dotcom should be their new PM, but downloading or streaming anime gets them burned by the NZ air force)

  Did you also know that Great Britain also has a lot of the same draconian animation laws as New Zealand, as well as a ban against any Jap anime as being “child pornography”? (My nephew nods) Its ok for these fucking English to be as perverted in the closet as they want to be as long as they don’t violate the rules from some culture minister. You know that GCHQ surveils everyone there? Its life in a fish bowl. Our NSA just asks the British to spy on anyone in the USA who’s life they want to peel apart, instead of bothering to do it for themselves.  It hasn’t changed so much from being a strict monarchy there. Just being born poor in the UK is enough to get you blackballed for life by their government, not so very different from the US. Also if your father did something that they didn’t like, then they can keep you from working for life.

   (Now it gets weirder)  Did you know that the ISIS guy who beheaded the US reporter was from Britain? (Both my nephews responded No, they didn’t know) David Cameron  had to return early from his vacation because they had to have emergency meetings about it. (My nephew aside calls Cameron a Thatcherite pussy) He has to find the British ISIS guy, but Cameron (not the film director) can’t find him even with the latest surveillance tech simply because the fucking British have already blackballed so many people. The culprit probably was prevented from ever getting a UK job. He might even be one of these people banned by the Brits for some stupid goddamned reason like watching too much Japanese anime. (My nephews are silent at this rant pronouncement)

   Did you know that they recently busted a second international pedophile ring? (It was really back in June 2014. My nephews both responded that No, they didn’t know it) They had Interpol and FBI and British intelligence bust another network of elite Catholic priests in Canada bringing child prostitutes to the wealthy and powerful bureaucrats and politicians. I’ve got nothing against that. What bothers me is that a couple of the politicians were busted on evidence as flimsy as having seen an animated porn on a computer (In US & UK its child porn, in Canada its questionable for government officials to be caught with it. In Germany its absolutely not considered porn, even though they have some of the strictest copyright laws in Germany)

   To me the act of simply watching animated pornography is another victimless crime (BTW the Germans and the Swedes agree with me on that, Russians under Putin don’t) They want to claim that the animated materials are used to groom more child victims, but that assertion by the FBI doesn’t hold water with me. It’s just a fucking comic book. Comic books don’t hurt anyone. The FBI shouldn’t lock Canadians up for 10 years just for watching a cartoon. I’m sorry, but its fucking ridiculous (I wanted to compare the practice with Sharia laws against making images of Muhammad) It’s Just a Comic Book.

   I wanted to go on, but I left off talking at that. Anyway what I was trying to really say at the end there is that I find a lot of comic books offensive, but I don’t believe that censorship or a ban is necessary on any of them. Like Captain America or Superman. Take Captain America for example. Whenever Cap springs into action protecting the Jew from every villain on the planet with 70 pound mortar shells, I know its just war propaganda from the CIA. I find it to be offensive material, but I don’t think a ban is really necessary in order to protect the vulnerable minds of young children from their vicious psyops. Because It’s Just a Comic Book.

   Take Superman. Whenever they have Superman working for the US President like Richard Nixon, I find it offensive. When Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns has Superman working for Ronald Reagan, the Kryptonian is Reagan’s hatchet man. Miller’s Superman tears Green Arrow’s bowing arm off, reducing him to a drunken wreck. He accepts a contract on Batman for showing the police up. The US is a mess after the Russians drop an EMP nuke above North America in response to some Pentagon blockade in the Panama Canal. Gotham is the only city in North America not rioting under neoliberal capitalist tyranny. An elderly Batman fights the blackout rioters on horseback. For that affront Reagan wants him assassinated. Frank Miller is so edgy that he considers all the Batman movies to be Hollywood pablum. But I don’t want him to be censored by the MPAA. On the contrary. Because It’s Just a Comic Book

@marxistplot news roundup 8-23-14

oldParasiteSingle: The following is excerpted from our family chat log with my nephews marxistplot “Joe” & my naturalist nephew “Tom”

im back
[23:41:37]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
Welcome home
[00:46:32]     [Joe -]
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oldParasiteSingle: The following chat log excerpt is a bonus egg of fun music & movie clip links from my naturalist nephew “Tom” FYI - He’s also a cult movie fan. I frequently loan him tapes & stuff from the man cave library that I keep here.

[05:55:34]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]

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[06:32:09]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
Did you get that BOOOIII?
[06:32:20]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
BTW we should see Phantasm V when it comes out
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@marxistplot news roundup 8/22/14

oldParasiteSingle: The following news links are excerpted from my private chat with my nephew marxistplot I especially like the one about Neanderthals being our southern European ancestors. We really aren’t all the same primates by nature.

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