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We (GE) are slowly making more gas generators each year. The future is natural gas. Everyone should be concerned with what happens to it…I’m not sure how much will be LNG exports and how much will be used for North American manufacturing. I don’t know the exact figures…I spoke with the CEO of Dow Chemical the other day. He tells me that thanks to natural gas (low prices), he can finally think about investing in manufacturing jobs again in the US…Understand that the White House, the AFL-CIO, & I have different priorities. We look at it (labor) through different prisms. I am concerned with China. The largest middle class in history will be there in the next 3 years. That is where my market is….Globalization is good…Globalization is good…Globalization is GOOD…Its not like it was 30 years ago when DOD and DARPA would be doing these things. Without China and Japan (& by extension LNG Natural gas exports) there is no Trans Pacific Partnership treaty. We (I) need it to open those markets.

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt today taking economist & reporter questions publicly at the Atlantic economic conference on manufacturing (& National Defense too since they are apparently connected these days as was stated during the questions.) He never mentioned #fracking explicitly but it was implied when the subject of LNG exports came up. Economist Greg Ip asked some pointed questions about why GE continues to offshore so many North American manufacturing jobs, undermining US economic sovereignty. A CBS news reporter got Immelt to fess up about his active involvement in Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations.

   It was a GE nuclear reactor deal (& design flaw) that resulted in the meltdown disaster at Fukushima. The Japanese community are likely to hold Immelt personally responsible for his business dealings. So IMAO Immelt is pimping US fracking just so he can get his hands on the LNG & fulfill his promises to deliver both the Japanese & his Chinese friends into the TPP. Oh, & Greg Ip got Immelt to confess his least favorite Obama agency. Its no secret that its EPA. Immelt repeated a canard he has used before, stating that “EPA even prevents GE from running electric lines across state borders.” I have blogged here already about how this claim is a lie. Immelt himself is responsible for strangling more US innovation than EPA.

   BTW @Greg_IP is one of the experts I follow on twitter. The following panel was about using “the cloud” for small business manufacturing innovation.

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