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A Late night “Kids For Cash” chat with my nephews (with links)

crapbox fail
[22:20:33]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
Welcome back
[23:32:37]     [Joe -]
[01:26:03]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
[01:26:07]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
[01:26:15]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
It’s hard to send you links sometimes lol
[01:26:32]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
I wonder what’s making grandma’s internet so unstable
[01:26:40]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
Sorry man
you saw those links on tumblr but mot on himachi?
you know that Ciavarella couldnt have done it alone
he just took a fall for his cronies
[02:46:27]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
[02:46:48]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
Sometimes I wonder if Nixon did the same
On February 18, 2011, a jury in federal court found Ciavarella guilty of racketeering. This charge stemmed from Ciavarella accepting $997,000 in illegal payments from Robert Mericle, the real estate developer of PA Child Care, and attorney Robert Powell, a co-owner of the facility. Ciavarella was also on trial for 38 other counts including accepting numerous payments from Mericle and Powell as well as tax evasion.
Mericle & Powell got away
they are the ones paying the bribe
[02:51:40]     [Tom - / 2620:9b::19bc:3859]
these lawyers who accepted the kids into prison are suing for damages
they made money off them but they thought that made them safe from civil litigation
since the victims are now suing their pants off in a class action suit, they are coming after all 4 of the main guys involved in the bribes
however the 2 judges got the lions share of the time and already paid a fine because they are immune from civil litigation
IMAO Penn Gov Ed Rendell probably lobbied federal prosecutors to give the 2 judges a heftier sentence
his presidential ambitions are shot to hell by kids for cash
he still is planning on getting a nice position for himself on the New York Federal Reserve Board of Governors
his fracking oil money and Jewness are good enough for that
he probably beat out Anthony Weiner for the job
to be a rich Jew in America is to be immune from all sorts of things
PBS Nightly Business Report and CNBC are the ones who reported that Ed Rendell was considering the Federal Reserve jobs
I’m sure that Bloomberg news and wsj know a few things about it too

Chemical Diver (Chemical Brothers + Dio Mashup by Wax Audio)

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