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Espionage & war crimes in East Ukraine

marxistplot visited me Friday with his brother. He insisted last Friday that MH17 had been shot down by the rebel separatists. I disagreed. I told him to wait for the satellite intel, but that early reports suggested that there were Ukraine military uniforms on the ground. Also the entire Ukraine cabinet resigned again Thursday. I told my nephew, “Either way the rebels don’t appear capable of pulling it off and this now looks like a false flag operation.” Anyway it appears today that the UN security council agrees with me. Since last night they have called the plane shootdown a war crime.

I also pointed out to my nephews that CIA & US military appear to be involved with NATO psyops. Alterations in wikipedia to the pages for Russia & Cuba were traced back to US Congress  Also it appears that anyone internet searching for MH17 plane photos were being phished. I decided myself that CIA was probably involved with the unusual Congressional activity while the social media attacks were probably coming from US military out of Southern California, where they train the drone pilots. My nephews sneered at this suggestion and both stated “They probably would have done that in any case. I mean its US versus Russia” I came back to this with, “Well it may be a new Cold War, but it still does nothing to inspire my confidence that they are telling us the entire truth.” In other words I don’t ever expect to see an accurate assessment of the downing of that plane on MSM morning TV news. It’ll be from a FOIA request or document leak in about a half century or so.

[Anime OST] lolol

oldParasiteSingle: The anime is “Zankyou no Terror” (lit. “Echo’s Terror”) and the soundtrack is by Yoko Kanno. The story is about a pair of teenaged terrorists who plot to steal weapons grade plutonium from the Japanese government before going on a mad bombing spree with Tokyo PD. This fan sound clip post by The Anarchist has the twin towers burning in the background, in tribute to both the tv show and to the clandestine part of the 9/11 operation.

I like the OP & ED very much. They are both runners-up to best summer anime music. There’s a lot of excellent competition in the quality of music AMV this summer. Comic-con in San Diego this year is a global phenomenon with stars buying out the tickets in droves and anime has its own contribution to that conference.

There is more than one way to thread a needle
truism. Often misattributed to Mark Twain as a variation on the Yankee “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” The misattributers often forget that Huck Finn also spoke about “threading the needle” This truism is in every quilter’s handbook, but I often use it myself personally as a syllogism for negotiating a crisis and coming out on to the other side. I’ve been thinking it more and more lately. It makes much more sense to me than the one about “How many angels dance on the head of a pin”